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Fort St. John

Today is Miracle Treat Day in Fort St. John!


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Today is Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day in Fort St. John.

Every resident who purchases a blizzard will see all their cash go directly to the B.C. Children’s Hospital.

DQ worker hard at work. Photo by John Luke Kieper.

Last year’s Miracle Treat Day brought in approximately $15,000 and Fort St. John Dairy Queen co-owner Tyler Kramer hopes to see a similar number this year.

“Every year we try to stay right around that range,” said Kramer. “Our goal this year is $15,000, we always hope to beat it but we don’t want to be too greedy.”

Customers purchasing Blizzards on Miracle Treat Day. Photo by John Luke Kieper.

Kramer explained that today has started slower than most Miracle Treat Days partly due to the smoky weather, though he is confident that will turn around.

“We’re hoping it will pick up by the evening, I’m pretty confident we will make our goal still.”

DQ worker inspecting his masterpiece. Photo by John Luke Kieper.

Kramer went on to say that every minute 62 kids walk into a children’s hospital and it is very crucial and fulfilling to be able to supply them with donations to help said kids.