Statistics show August had the highest number of workers employed on Site C thus far

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The size of the workforce employed in building the Site C dam has reached yet another record high, exceeding 3,500 workers in August.

According to statistics published by BC Hydro today, there were a total of 3,561 workers employed on Site C in August, up from 3,303 in July.

The number of contractors on site sat at 2,911, which is 236 more contractors than during the previous month. The number of engineers and project team members did increase after a big drop from June to July, and in August totalled 650.


Of the over 2,900 contractors at Site C, 2,262, or 78 percent were B.C. residents.

The number of Peace River Regional District resident contractors employed at Site C saw another increase, jumping from 705 to 757, while the percent of local contractors stayed steady at 26 percent.

The number of temporary foreign workers employed as contractors at Site C in August doubled, from three in July to six.

The number of apprentices at Site C also reached its highest tally thus far in August, when 132 apprentices were employed.

The number of indigenous workers employed on the dam also jumped to its highest-recorded level so far, to 297.

The number of female contractors employed on the project increased by 40, to 464, meaning women make up 15.8 percent of the dam’s contractor workforce.