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Huskies win on the road against Fairview Flyers

FAIRVIEW, A.B. – The Huskies had a great battle on the road on Friday as they visited the Fairview Flyers.

In period one, it was a tough start for the pups as the Flyers scored their first goal at 1:02 into the game.

The scoring on the Huskies did not stop as, at 9:45 into the period, the Flyers made another goal, making it 2-0 over the Huskies.

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Then at 9:24 left in the frame, Fairview would make it a 3-0 over the pups.

In the second period, things started to turn around for the Huskies as at 3:19 into the period, Gary Loewen shot one into the net with an assist by Oscar Burgess making the score 3-1.

At 6:52 into the frame, Brady Marzocco fired the puck into the net with a feed from Chase Gregory, closening the score 3-2.

The Flyers put up a battle as they scored two more points on the Huskies, making the score 5-2.

Then with 5:57 left in the period, Brady Marzocco would make another goal on the Flyers with an assist by Jared Winkel, putting the score at 5-3.

With 3:52 left on the clock, Brady Marzocco and Jared Winkel were on fire as they netted another goal, trailing one point behind the Flyers at 5-4.

In period three, the Flyers scored a goal at 1:44 into the period making it a 6-4 lead over the Huskies.

But the Huskies were not beat as Jared Loewen scored a point with an assist from Brady Marzocco in a power play situation at 7:54 into the frame, once again closening the score 6-5.

Then 15 seconds later, still during the power play, Aiden Craig-Steele scored one with a feed from Jared Loewen and Jared Winkel tying the score at six apiece.

The tie would remain for some time until, with 1:23 left in the game, Jared Winkel shot one into the net making it a 7-6 lead for the Huskies. Aiden Tegart and Brady Marzocco made the assist with that goal.

Then with 48 seconds left, Gary Loewen would score one with an assist by Aiden Tegart strengthening the lead 8-6.

But the Huskies were not done scoring as at 32 seconds left, Jaydin Piket made a goal with an assist by Dawson Phillips making the final score 9-6 for the Huskies.

Up next, the Huskies will be at home tonight (Saturday) as they host the JDA Kings at the North Peace Arena. Puck drop is at 8:00 p.m.




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