Alberta says the $1.6 billion aid package won’t fix the problem

CALGARY, A.B. – The Alberta government and the energy industry say Ottawa’s 1.6 billion-dollar aid package will not fix the problem hurting the ailing oilpatch.

Premier Rachel Notley says the industry is facing low prices because it can’t ship enough oil to foreign markets.

She says the federal government needs to focus on uncorking the pipeline bottleneck that is hurting corporations and the province.


The federal package includes a billion dollars for oil and gas companies to make capital investments and purchase new technology.

There is also cash for smaller oil and gas companies and for clean growth and infrastructure projects.

Tim McMillan, CEO of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, says the industry didn’t ask for the aid package.

He says federal legislation needs to be redrawn that would change how energy projects are approved because it is scaring away investment.

McMillan says the industry would also like the Ottawa to express support for two cancelled pipelines, the Northern Gateway and Energy East.

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