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Fort St. John Council Briefs for the December 10 meeting


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – This past session of City Council held on December 10th, 2018 covered several topics which included;

Administration Report No. 0074/18 – New Totem Archery Club requested a reduction of paving requirements at the 9169 Jones Subdivision.

The City and Archery Club entered into the twenty-year lease agreement which was approved,  and a business plan to construct an indoor shooting facility was discussed. Under Building Bylaw 2248, 2015, there is a requirement for hard surfacing (paving) of all parking areas and all access areas connecting to public roads. The club wanted Council to consider reducing the amount of paving required or have the City pave the access and the parking area since it is City-owned property. Having the City pave the lot included a provision that Totem Archery would repay the City over the term of their lease, yet this was not financially viable for the Club.  Administrative and Legislative Services advised City staff that funding a capital project in excess of five years may be in contravention to Community Charter Section 175 due to regulations regarding a leased property.

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Council asked staff to look further into this before a decision is made.

Administration Report No. 0141/18 – Code of Conduct Council Policy No. 53/18.

The legalization of cannabis has affected the wording of the Code of Conduct Policy which needs to be amended to reflect the terms identified as unacceptable conduct. In addition to the legalization of cannabis, it was also identified that there needed to include mood-altering substances and misusing medications that would cause someone to be not suited to be at work. The language of the Code of Conduct policy under point #11 of unacceptable conduct is being recommended to be updated to “using, possessing, consuming and being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, mood-altering substances or misuse of medications while at work”. The current language refers to only illegal drugs and/or alcohol.

Council approved the amendment.

Administration Report No. 0228/18 – Recreation Facilities Code of Conduct Policy No. 26/18

The legalization of cannabis, the wording of the Recreation Facilities Code of Conduct Council Policy needs to be amended to reflect the terms identified as unsatisfactory conduct under point #3 to using, possessing, consuming or being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, mood-altering substances or misuse of medications and tobacco use, chewing tobacco and/or vaporizing. An additional amendment is to update the policy to include the correct position titles for those that have authority to suspend individuals from the use of City facilities. It was also identified that this policy referred to employees as well as users of the facilities and did not include the North Peace Leisure Pool as a facility covered by the policy. The proposed revisions have removed reference to employees as they would be held to the Code of Conduct Council Policy No. 53. The proposed revised policy would only apply to users of the recreational facilities and also includes the North Peace Leisure Pool as this facility is operated by the City of Fort St John.

Council approved the amendment.

Administration Report No. 0229/18 – Employee Recruitment and Selection Policy No. 71/18

To provide updated language on employee recruitment and selection to ensure the integrity and consistency of the City of Fort St. John’s hiring process to provide a fair and equitable treatment of all candidates. The policy includes language to confirm the City’s commitment to internal hiring’s where appropriate to provide staff with career development opportunities. An additional section was added to the policy, that has been highlighted for ease of reference, to provide language regarding the hiring of relatives. The language provided is not to restrict the hiring of relatives but to provide guidelines that address the situation whereby direct relatives may not be involved in a direct supervisory/reporting relationship. The language also provides clarification for the term “relatives”. The revised policy also includes clarification on the current process that is followed for recruitment of positions to ensure consistency and transparency throughout the organization.

Council approved the amendment.

Administration Report No. 0238/18 – Special Event Overnight Camping at Municipal Parks/Facilities.

Staff was directed by Council to solicit input from Tourism Fort St. John with respect to overnight camping at municipal parks/facilities when Administration Report No. 0070/18 was presented to Council for a decision at the September 24, 2018, Regular Meeting. The Tourism Fort St. John Board met in early November and have provided thoughtful comments back to staff with respect to the proposal to allow overnight camping at City-owned and operated recreation and park facilities. In their response, the Board focused on economic development; public health and safety; and protection of City assets. The Tourism Fort St John Board has endorsed the proposal.

Council approved and asks staff to come back with a report after the camping season on the new initiative.

Administration Report No. 0248/18 – regarding Tender Award for the Cultural Centre fire alarm upgrades.

Yearly the fire system at the North Peace Cultural Center is inspected by a qualified contractor. This year the fire alarm system is in need of an upgrade because of its age and the difficulty of securing replacement parts. During the inspection of the facility by the Fire Department, two main issues were noted, the fire separation doors (doors to the theatre) were wedged open. The existing panel cannot be upgraded with a system to allow these fire separation doors to be held open and to be closed automatically if the fire alarm was activated at the Cultural Centre. As well the gallery is constantly showing a trouble light on the fire panel which cannot be remedied with the existing panel because of the lack of available parts. The only solution to these issues is for a new fire system. The fire alarm upgrade was identified in the 2015 IRC Facility Audit to be replaced in a 0-5 year window.

Council awarded the tender for the Cultural Centre Fire Alarm Upgrades to the lowest compliant bidder, Status Electrical Corporation from Abbotsford, BC, for a tendered price of $120,844.00 plus applicable taxes.”

Administration Report No. 0250/18 – Mayor and Council to Attend the 2019 CNSA National Conference in Calgary, Alberta, January 23 – 26, 2019

The Conference has over 400 nursing students and professionals from across the country gathering in Calgary for CNSA’s 2019 National Conference. Giving sponsors and exhibitors an opportunity to showcase products and services to a national audience.

Council authorized all members of Council to attend ‘2019 Canadian Nursing Students’ Association National Conference in Calgary, Alberta on January 23 – 26, 2019, the approximate cost of $2,860.00 per person be allocated from the 2019 Council Travel Budget and the approximate cost of $2,000 for the booth rental be allocated from the 2019 Council Travel Budget.

Administration Report No. 0253/18 – Physical Literacy for Communities BC Initiative Grant Application

The City of Fort St John, in Partnership with Engage Sport North, the Indigenous Sport,
Physical Activity, and Recreational Council (I-SPARC), Fort St John and District Sports
Council, School District 60, Northern Health and the Fort St John 2020 BC Winter Games
Society will deliver a wide range of training programs and services for athletes, coaches,
officials and community sports leaders leading up to the 2020 Winter Games.

Council support the grant application to Sport for Life for the Physical Literacy for Communities BC Initiative Grant

Administration Report No. 0258/18 – Designation of Signing Authorities Council Policy No. 94/18

The Designation of Signing Authorities Council Policy No. 94 has not been
updated since 2006 and provided designation for financial transactions only.

Council approved as amended

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