New approach to Canada’s Food Guide launched by Minister of Health

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MONTREAL, QC – Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health shared that with the launch of the new Canada’s Food Guide, healthy eating is about more than the foods Canadians eat.

The new Food Guide is now a more developed online resource that can better meet the needs of users, including the general public, policy makers and health professionals.

This includes mobile-friendly web content for Canadians that are on the go to have access no matter where they are.


The new dietary guidance includes advice for Canadians on healthy food choices and healthy eating habits. This advice includes;

  • eating plenty of vegetables and fruits,
  • eating protein foods,
  • choosing whole grain foods, and
  • making water your drink of choice.

Healthy eating is more than the foods you eat. The Food Guide encourages Canadians to;

  • cook more often,
  • enjoy food,
  • be mindful of eating habits, and
  • eat meals with others.

Canada’s Food Guide is intended for all Canadians. Health Canada is working to ensure that the revised Food Guide is inclusive of Indigenous Peoples, reflecting social, cultural and historical context. Additionally, Health Canada and Indigenous Services Canada are committed to working with First Nations, Inuit and Métis to support the development of distinctions-based healthy eating tools, as part of the revision process.

The new Food Guide is part of Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy, which aims to make the healthier choice the easier choice.

“Healthy eating is more than the foods you eat. It’s about your whole relationship with food. The new Food Guide gets to the heart of this relationship and gives Canadians concrete advice that they can follow to make healthy eating part of their day.”

The Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor
Minister of Health

To visit the Canada Food Guide CLICK HERE




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