Recruiting health professionals to Fort St. John

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At the recent Regular Council meeting, Councillor Trevor Bolin shared that he had attended the Annual Nursing Students Association National Conference held at the Calgary University January 22-26th, 2019.

This is an event in which nursing unions and other health services from across Canada come together to present themselves to students that range from being in first-year studies through to graduating nurses that seek employment.

Councillor Bolin travelled to Calgary for two-days to represent the City of Fort St. John, he shares the night before the Conference he had the Northern Health Booth moved next to the City of Fort. St. John.


“As I could promise them the world and then make Northern Health live up to it and sign it, which worked out really well,” said Councillor Bolin

Councillor Bolin goes on to share that Fort St. John was the only Municipality represented at the event. “It was great we had nurses sending their friends and co-workers down to our booth, it was non-stop nurses at our booth for two days, pretty fantastic”

In efforts to attract and retain more professionals to the area, the City created the ‘Move up Here’ to be attractive recruitment of new people to the community.

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