Local MLAs voice concerns over new legislation for the ALR

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VICTORIA, B.C. – Following the Government’s announcement to introduce legislation that they say will strengthen the independence of the Agricultural Land Commission, local MLAs Mike Bernier and Dan Davies went to Facebook to voice their concerns.

In the video, both MLAs find the new Bill 15 disturbing and upsetting, with Bernier saying this Bill will change the way how farmers and landowners will be treated.

“What’s really upsetting with Bill 15, is basically how farmers and landowners are going to be treated.”

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Davies claims the Bill to be a blatant infringement on the rights of landowners.

“It’s a blatant infringement on people’s right of land ownership, it certainly is the Agricultural Land Commission, and I think that is the fundamental issue that I am taking up with this Bill.”

Bernier says, within the Bill, the Government is removing the requirement for owner consent for any changes made to the ALR.


“They’re removing the requirement for owner consent for any changes to the ALR. So, you, as a landowner won’t have a say, and under the Act, you as a landowner are no longer allowed to even apply to the Agricultural Land Commission if this Bill passes.”

Both Bernier and Davies are vowing to challenge the Government on this Bill in order to protect the rights of their constituents.

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