Northern Rockies Sets Strategic Priorities for 2019-2022 Term 

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FORT NELSON, B.C. – The Northern Rockies Regional Council has approved its 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan for the next four years reflects the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) Council’s vision, goals and priorities.

According to the NRRM, using the Plan as a guide will ensure the alignment of efforts with Council priorities, to provide a framework for resource allocation and building consensus among members. 

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The NRRM will confirm that initiatives are centred on the goals within the Strategic Plan, reporting to Council periodically to measure progress towards the Council’s objectives. Regional Council is now reviewing actions and measures to complete the plan.

Regional Council has updated its vision from the previous iteration to state; 

The NRRM will be resilient – using available resources to maintain balance across the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the community. 


With diverse choices and ample opportunities for employment, education, recreation, housing and health and wellness services, the Northern Rockies will thrive. 

We will proudly embrace the character of our unique northern communities and create innovative solutions that enhance our quality of life.” 

The Plan is built within a framework of the following Core Values: 

  • Fostering partnerships 
  • Engaging and representing regional stakeholders 
  • Building positive relationships 
  • Communicating in an open, transparent & accessible manner 
  • Maintaining transparency & accountability 
  • Being fiscally responsible 
  • Leveraging the NRRM’s unique features 
  • Taking a solution-based approach 

The Strategic Plan is developed upon five foundational pillars; each pillar contains goals to direct actions and initiatives. 



  • The NRRM will strive to STRENGTHEN and DIVERSIFY the economy 


  • The NRRM will remain Committed to a HIGH QUALITY of life for the residents of the NRRM 


  • The NRRM will MEANINGFULLY ENGAGE with its residents, understand and respond to the communities, FOSTERING CONNECTION between community and Council. 
  • The NRRM will ENGAGE and EMPOWER communities, ensuring ADEQUATE REPRESENTATION in decisions affecting the region. 


  • The NRRM will DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP (through promotion, education, support and innovation) in meeting the targets established within the Municipality’s sustainability strategies. 


  • The NRRM will make INFORMED DECISIONS regarding the building, operation, maintenance, renewal, replacement and disposal of infrastructure assets 

“Council has a roadmap to help direct efforts toward the projects that will best achieve the needs of our municipality. We intend to ensure that we concentrate on building a resilient region that balances economic and social well-being of the people that live here,” said Mayor Gary Foster. “Reflecting community needs for the term of Council. These priorities will guide every aspect of municipal budgets, goals, objectives and actions. The culmination of extensive deliberations by Regional Council over the past several months.”

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