Site C Construction Schedule for July 22nd – August 4th, 2019

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The following outlines the construction details for the Site C project for July 22nd – August, 4th, 2019.

Dam site area – north bank and south bank 

  • Noxious weed inventory and treatment will occur in the main civil works area, on the banks of the Peace River. 
  • Large sections of penstock pipe will be transported along Old Fort Road. This requires overnight rolling closures, with short delays to traffic. Check our website for upcoming deliveries
  • Construction of a wash station to limit the migration of invasive species continues. 
  • Contractors will continue to move equipment and materials to the site. This includes deliveries by rail and road. 
  • Contractors are continuing construction and operations in their work areas. This includes the main civil works, generating station and spillways civil works, turbines and generators, and substation. 
  • Transmission work may occur on the 138 kV right-of-way within the dam site. 
  • Excavation, including in-river excavation, will progress on both banks of the Peace River. 
  • Construction activities will continue. This could include drilling, blasting, crushing, earthmoving, tunnelling, concrete placement, and road maintenance. We will use the tower and mobile cranes. 

85th Avenue Conveyor 

  • Construction and assembly continue on the conveyor between the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands and the dam site. 
  • Paving will occur on Old Fort Road. 
  • Work will use heavy machinery, resulting in noise, dust and vibration. Typical work hours are 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. Periodic sweeping or dust suppression will occur. 
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Highway 29 

  • Noxious weed inventory and treatment may occur along Highway 29 and in Wuthrich, Portage Mountain, and West Pine Quarries. 
  • Construction will continue at Cache Creek West. This will include grading, road construction, and drainage work. 
  • Portage Mountain Quarry haul road construction will continue. 
  • Archaeological data recovery will occur at Cache Creek East and Halfway River. 

Reservoir area 

  • Forestry and access road data collection and site investigations will continue along the reservoir area. 
  • Road construction activities will occur in the preparation of clearing on the south bank, eastern reservoir, and north bank near Halfway River. 
  • Archaeological investigations may occur in support of reservoir access road design. 

Transmission works 

  • Transmission line construction will continue. This includes helical pile foundation installation, testing and welding, and tower assembly. 
  • Maintenance work will continue on roads that provide access to the transmission corridor. 
  • Clearing activities may occur. This includes selective hand-falling and hauling logs to local mills. Wood waste will be chipped, mulched, spread as coarse woody debris or hauled off-site. 
  • Road construction will occur in various locations on the transmission line right-of-way. This includes but is not limited to the Peace Canyon and Peace Hill, Trapper Main, Boucher Lake and Medicine Woman road areas, as well as on the south slope of the dam site. 
  • Upgrades will continue at the Peace Canyon Generating Station. 

Other areas 

  • Geotechnical investigations will occur on the south bank of the Peace River, across from Lynx Creek. Helicopters will move equipment and workers from a staging area on the north side of the river. 
  • Work is occurring downstream of the dam site for the Peace River side channel enhancements. 
  • Aggregate and riprap production will continue in West Pine Quarry. We will transport material by rail to the dam site and by truck to Highway 29. 

WHAT TO EXPECT Work will take place during the day, night, and on the weekend until the project is completed. During this time, residents can expect: 

Traffic – please use caution and obey safety signage 

  • Old Fort Road 
  • Near Gate A to the dam site, drivers may encounter loose gravel and increased commercial traffic. 
  • Gravel sections have developed near 85th Avenue. 
  • Overnight deliveries of penstock pipes along Old Fort Road will result in rolling road closures and traffic delays. Deliveries will occur every one or two weeks. 
  • Due to equipment delivery, there may be occasional short road closures along Old Fort Road from Tahltan Road to Gate B. 
  • Excavation of a short section of Old Fort Road will result in small detours, increased noise, dust and vibration. 
  • Highway 29: Construction-related traffic and investigation equipment will travel along Highway 29. Visit to get the latest traffic advisories. 
  • Other areas: Trucks with heavy loads will be accessing the dam site and other project areas, using public and resource roads. 



  • Heavy machinery will be in the transmission line corridor. Please stay clear of the work areas. 
  • Helicopters and commercial drones may be used to support investigative and construction works. 

Noise and vibration 

  • Some noise and vibration may occur near the dam site and work areas, including the quarries. Pile driving may take place near the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands. 
  • During noxious weed inventories, crews will travel through areas to capture data. Areas, where herbicide has been applied, will be signposted. 
  • Please stay clear of active in-river work areas along the Peace and Moberly rivers. These areas are identified with signage and markings. 


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