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Adam Reaburn
Adam Reaburn
Adam moved to Fort St. John in 2004 and he now owns both Moose FM and
Use the code: LOANOW for $20 tickets to any of the events happening Sept 16-20.
Or if you want tickets to the event on Saturday use the code TOGETHER and get two tickets for $150.

Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Personal and Business Life!

The Formula for Attracting What You Want — Deliberately

Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at Systems Sound Source.  In Dawson Creek, you can purchase tickets at the Encana Events Centre Box Office or online at

Are you just stumbling onto Law of Attraction and are eager to learn more? Have you been practicing Law of Attraction but have your hands on your hips saying “Where are my manifestations – why is this not working for me?” Are your friends bragging about all of their Law of Attraction Manifestations, yet you have none?

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You can learn the science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in your life with Michael Losier.

During this training seminar, you will learn the formula and steps so you can apply Law of Attraction in any area of your life; your relationships, job, job interviews, customers, clients, friends, your health, and much more.

Michael uses worksheets and Accelerated Learning Techniques so you will be sure to know how to master and apply this 3-Step Formula over and over again to all areas of your personal and business life.


You will learn:

  • Why and how Law of Attraction works
  • Why you are attracting negative things and how you can start attracting what you desire
  • The three-step process for deliberate attraction
  • How to define your Ideal Job, Relationship, Customer, Ideal Sale, Ideal Referral
  • How to give attention to your new desires so Law of Attraction can deliver
  • How to Allow this new desire to come to you — the most important step in the process
  • Scripts and processes to help you maintain positive thoughts and results

You will also bring home strategies for maintaining good language, positive thoughts, and a 30-day assignment to help integrate the message of Law of Attraction in your business.

A full day of learning and growth begins with an intense workshop, followed by two incredible, guest speakers and fabulous seminars to complete your day. This is an opportunity to be taken while it is here.

Energy, enlightenment and serious business,


A powerful day, you must attend.

Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at Systems Sound Source.  In Dawson Creek, you can purchase tickets at the Encana Events Centre Box Office or online at

Applying the Law of Attraction workshop

Saturday September 21, 2019,     1 day workshop 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Pomeroy Hotel & Convention Center FSJ.

Ralph Room – limited seats


Michael Losier, Author, Law of Attraction

Tryna Gower, Indigenous Psychic Medium, Creator of the be.real Retreat

Lisa Standeven M.Ed., GCPM  Success Strategist & Business Coach

Main Event $200.00 VIP Package:   100 seats online, limited time offer

Includes:  Access to 3 Events*


Access to special event rate room booking, available for 2 night (fri/sat) at Pomeroy/Chances

Ticket for *Special Event: Emotion Code on Friday September 20 ($60.00 value)

Ticket to *Main Event, VIP entry and seating, Saturday September 21 ($500.00 value)

Ticket for *Continental Breakfast, hosted at LIDO Theater, September 22 ($10.00 value)

Main Event $150.00 Advanced seating package: 100 seats online, limited time offer

Includes:  Access to 2 Events*

Advanced entry seating

Ticket for *Special Event: Emotion Code on Friday September 20 ($60.00 value)

Ticket for *Main Event, September 21 ($500.00 value)

Main Event $100.00 General seating, : 100 seats online

General admission at the door $300.00

Reset Your Vibes – The law of Attraction style

Kick Start Community seminars:   1.5hr 

General seating/admission:  Tickets $40.00

Choose your venue: limited availability, ONLY 800 online seats spread across the region

Lido Theater – FSJ, September 16 (6:00pm)

KPAK Center – Dawson Creek, September 17 (6:00pm)

Pomeroy Inn – Chetwynd, September 18 (morning 8:30am)

Taylor Hall – Taylor, September 18 (evening 6:00pm)

StoneBridge Hotel – FSJ, September 19 (6:00pm)


Emotion Code event:

Friday, September 20, 8:30 am start

Pomeroy Hotel and Convention Center/Chances FSJ

Included with VIP & Advanced seating

Available during (Mon-Thurs) kick start sessions

Win seats listen to MooseFM for details  VALUE of $60.00

Chronic Pain? Arthritis? Aches and Pains?

Watch LIVE and Learn How the Emotion Code Helps!

The 7-Keys to The Emotion Code Process –

Reducing Chronic Pain in Under 10 minutes.

Do you have unexplained chronic pain?  Have you tried everything to bring relief to your pain, but nothing is helping?

Are you stuck in fear, pain, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage? Is it time to ditch your emotional baggage?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

The Emotion Code WILL help.  asking for people from the audience who have chronic pain in their neck, back, hips, or knees to volunteer and they he will given a LIVE Emotion Code session to show how a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner can significantly relieve and most often REMOVE this pain in minutes … from a distance – LIVE on the stage!

The Emotion Code for the Business Owner

Removing Blocks to Business Success and Physical Pain

You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get with Emotion Code.

Here are the areas Michael has had success with using the Emotion Code with his business clients.  During a session (held over telephone or video) Michael is able to REMOVE the trapped emotions contributing to the following:

  •         Your limiting beliefs about your business success
  •         Your anxiety about your business
  •         The limited ‘earning ceiling’ that your subconscious mind has set
  •         The blocks stopping you from increasing your monthly sales/revenue
  •         Blocks to attracting NEW clients
  •         Blocks to attracting ideal referrals
  •         Blocks to attracting opportunities to build your business
  •         Inherited money habits and beliefs your parents had
  •         The negative effects of past business failures/problems
  •         Your procrastination habits stopping you from getting things done
  •         Your creativity blocks to writing, problem solving etc.

Michael Losier is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and has helped over 1,200 people (via Skype and telephone) from around the world.  He offers a Mentoring program for Emotion Code Practitioners and is helping 30 practitioners build successful practices.

Continental breakfast wrap up event:

included with VIP, available for purchase at main event

Lido Theater, September 22

Doors open at 10:30 am


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