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Bob’s Weekly Report


At a recent press conference in Surrey, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked a direct question about what he is doing about the issue of money laundering in British Columbia. Instead of answering the question, he gave a vague “we are working on it” answer.

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This seems to directly contradict what BC’s Attorney General David Eby said just a day earlier when he expressed his frustration with the Liberal government’s failure to live up to their promises to help combat money laundering in the province.


According to Attorney General Eby, since the release of two reports in May which found that over $7 billion had been laundered in British Columbia in 2018, the Province has yet to receive any support from the Liberal federal government. Without this support, work that falls under federal jurisdiction when investigating money laundering just won’t get done. The Attorney General is quoted as saying this lack of action on the Liberals part is “disturbing”. I wholeheartedly agree.


Following the release of the two reports in May, the Province announced that it would launch a public inquiry and the Conservative Party of Canada was the first to support this decision. We take money laundering and other white-collar crimes seriously and believe British Columbians deserve answers. It is clear that the status quo cannot continue.


It is sad that the Trudeau Liberal’s do not feel the same way. Instead they continue to look the other way when crimes are being committed in Canada, while at the same time targeting law-abiding citizens like our outdoor heritage community.



This is yet another example of Justin Trudeau being #notasadvertised.

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