Horgan warns federal leaders their opponents may become colleagues next week

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VANCOUVER — British Columbia Premier John Horgan is recommending that federal leaders avoid condemning their opponents in the final stretch of the election campaign because they might have to work with them next week.

Some are predicting a Liberal- or Conservative-led minority government when ballots are cast Monday.

Horgan found himself in a similar position in 2017, when his New Democrat team won 41 seats against the incumbent Liberals’ 43.


Despite winning fewer seats than the Liberals, the NDP won approval from the lieutenant-governor to form government after the party reached a power-sharing agreement with the Greens, who won three seats.

Horgan says he’d encourage federal leaders keep their options open and avoid burning any bridges, even though he says rhetoric can get a head of reality in the final leg of a campaign.

Horgan says his own team’s campaign became “relatively negative” in the lead up to the 2017 vote.

“The people you’re condemning today may well be your colleagues next week,” he said.

The Canadian Press


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