Mayor Ackerman interviewed by Rex Murphy to discuss Canada’s energy sector

Mayor Ackerman was interviewed by Rex Murphy to discuss Canada's energy sector. Source YouTube
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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Earlier this month, Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman was interviewed by Rex Murphy to discuss Canada’s energy sector and the many challenges that it currently faces.

Ackerman says she applauds British Columbia’s high environmental standards, adding that people need to see it is very possible to have those high standards while supporting Canada’s oil and gas industry.

“In British Columbia, we have high environmental standards and I applaud those; I think it’s wonderful. My backyard, my rural area, is where we recreate, so when I can show people how we have taken, in the Province of British Columbia, an industry that has this reputation and a province that requires the environmental standards that it has and marry the two together, it’s important for people to see that it is very possible.”


When it comes to standing up for what is right for the industry, despite the societal “idealisms”, Ackerman feels more elected officials need to be brave enough to stand up and support responsible resource development.

Ackerman says when resource projects are cancelled, the effects of those decisions are felt in communities across the country in a domino effect as the industry provides support to infrastructure and the economy.

Ackerman also says, when it comes to environmental and safety standards, Canada is a “rock star” on the world stage in the resource industry.

The full interview with Mayor Lori Ackerman can be found on Rex Murphy’s Youtube Channel.


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