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October Land Sales brings in $2.37 million in leases

VICTORIA, B.C. – The Provincial Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources has released October’s list on the accepted offers for the Crown Reserve Disposition of Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights Public Tender.

During October, a total of $2.37 million was paid in tender bonuses for five leases, with a total of $2.39 million in sales.

Aduro Resources Ltd. managed to pick up four leases for a combined total of $2.04 million in the Monias area.

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Buffalo Hil Resources purchased one lease for $333,856 of 1,313 hectares in the Flatrock area.

So far in 2019, the Province has taken in approximately $13.5 million in bonus bids, compared to $62.5 million in bonus bids that were seen this time last year.

The next B.C. Land Sale is November 13 which includes for offer one drilling licence and one lease.