MLA Dan Davies – Weekly Column – “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old”

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As Remembrance Day has now passed, we as a country paid tribute to our fallen soldiers and all those who have fought for our freedoms.

It is our solemn privilege on November 11th to commemorate every Canadian who has put on a uniform and gone into battle for this country. It is not just another day off from work or school, it is a day to reflect and remember the wonderful life we enjoy today did not come for free.

When called into action, men and women leave their families behind to protect the safety, democracy and freedom of Canada. It is thanks to the courage of those soldiers, past and present. We as Canadians have the freedom to exchange ideas, to practice our faiths and to speak freely because of their sacrifice.

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By putting on the poppy, millions of Canadians each November pledge to each other to never forget those who have fallen. The little red flower which bloomed along the graves of fallen soldier’s lives on 100 years later to ensure each generation is reminded of their sacrifice.

While holding on to memories of previous generations, it is equally important to honour the current generation of serving members. At home and abroad, the Canadian Armed Forces continue to dedicate themselves to a life of service, and we thank them for their pledge to protect our bright future.

Although Remembrance Day is set aside each year to honour our men and women in uniform,  it is important to reflect throughout the year and remember those who have served, continue to serve and especially those who have paid the ultimate price for our continued freedom. If not for the more than 2,300,00 Canadians who have served throughout our nation’s history, our wonderful community would not be what it is today.


Lest we forget.

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