New study considers use of piece rates in BC’s agricultural sector

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VICTORIA, B.C. – The Province has released a study on the economic impact of piece rates in British Columbia.

According to the Government, the study, undertaken by Karen Taylor, University of British Columbia agricultural economist, focuses on B.C. farmers’ use of piece rates and provides data about the economic impact and use of piece rates in various crops.

This study was informed by historical data, as well as input from farmworkers who hand-harvest crops, growers and industry experts, which Taylor collected in 2018.

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Taylor’s report is the first B.C.-specific review of how piece rates have been used in the province for several years.

The ministries of Labour and Agriculture are working jointly to review the data in Taylor’s report and will carefully consider the next steps to best serve workers, farmers and the viability of the agriculture industry.

The study can be found on the Province’s website.


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