MLA Dan Davies – Weekly Column – Horgan fails to address key issues

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This weekend, Premier John Horgan paid a visit to communities in northern British Columbia. At a time when relationships with government in Victoria could be considered frayed – it seemed like a good idea. Yet he has failed to address the key issues which are important to the fabric of our community.

Over the course of 2019, a total of 32,400 private-sector jobs were lost, with natural resources and agriculture jobs – the lifeblood of our community – being the hardest hit occupations amidst the downturn. People are being pushed to the brink financially, as paycheques dwindle, creditors and bankers loom, and vehicles and equipment are being repossessed. Will the message ever sink in at the cabinet table in Victoria?

There are a few major infrastructure projects happening in B.C. that would enormously benefit rural communities, however, John Horgan is actively working against them. Last week the Supreme Court unanimously shut down Horgan’s attempt to block the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline by “using every tool in the toolbox.”

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Most legal experts predicted that B.C. would ultimately lose because the Constitution clearly identifies the federal government as being responsible for all pipelines that cross provincial borders.

Now it appears that no one is happy, especially taxpayers, after wasting millions on a symbolic court battle that was doomed to fail.

By supporting one pipeline (Coastal GasLink) and opposing another (Trans Mountain) Horgan has put his government between a rock and a hard place. John Horgan continues to lose credibility on all sides while trying to please everyone. People in my riding simply want to be able to pay their bills and put food on the table for their families.

Hopefully, during the Premier’s time in Northern B.C., he will finally listen to concerns and put the people of B.C. first over activist agendas.

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