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If it wasn’t already clear enough that the NDP government is ignoring key issues to people living in rural B.C., the North Peace Rural Roads Initiative recently spoke out about a year filled with broken promises.

Since being revived in 2017, the task force has tried to engage the Province in meaningful discussions on improving key infrastructure throughout the North Peace. However, unsurprisingly discussions seem to have fallen on deaf ears in Victoria as little meaningful action has taken place.

I too have raised the issue of road maintenance and safety with the Minister of Transportation. Yet no response to this date as to whether key projects, such as Taylor Bridge, will see any funding from Victoria soon.

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Community Interviews with Moose FM

After two years of invitations from myself and key stakeholders such as the rural roads task force, the Minister of Transportation has simply ignored any engagement with locals who just want to see action from their government.

Unfortunately, failing to engage with the public seems to be a theme for this NDP government in the Peace, where issue after issue John Horgan and his government remains missing in action. On caribou, on forestry, on agriculture, or on oil and gas development: the NDP are either nowhere to be found or outright ignoring the feedback with plans set to kills jobs and shut down key parts of B.C.’s northern economy.

The safety of our roadways during the winter months is always top of mind for commuters from highways and rural roads, to resource roads and bridges, like the Taylor Bridge. People should have comfort in the safety and security of our roadways, instead residents are weary knowing concerns are falling on deaf hears.

My hope as we go into 2020 is that Minister Trevena and others sitting at the cabinet table will not be so quick to dismiss the concerns of those in the North Peace and Northern Rockies. Furthermore, I look forward to the Minister taking the taskforce up on their invitation to visit the region!

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