MLA Dan Davies – Weekly Column – Highs and Lows of Throne Speech week

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Last week, myself and MLA colleagues returned to Victoria expecting to take part in tradition and ceremony – that is the speech from the throne. However, it was anything but a traditional week in the Legislature, which is becoming the norm lately!

While I fully support that peaceful and orderly protests are a part of a healthy democracy, the protests that transpired around British Columbia — and especially at the Legislature — were unacceptable and not peaceful. Hundreds gathered, many not even knowing exactly what for, to protest at the Legislature on throne speech day, blocking MLAs, staff and visitors from entering the building.

The safety, security and function of the Legislature and government offices are essential so the work of governing can continue. Instead of swift action or condemnation, Premier Horgan cancelled his press conference and ran from the media. As protests continue to block rail lines, bridges, transit and government offices throughout the province, John Horgan continues to show a lack of leadership.

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While drama swirled outside the building on Throne Speech day, inside it was a much calmer atmosphere — in fact, it could almost be described as boring.

If I had to choose one word to describe this throne speech, it would be ‘empty’. The throne speech in my opinion, sounded more like an apology than anything else. We are witnessing before us today is a rudderless government and an NDP government that has no real idea of what they are doing or where they are going.

The NDP has made so many promises over the past couple of years, and they have failed to deliver on any of them. From $10-a-day daycare, the $400 annual renter rebate, or the elimination of Surrey portables. After nearly three years, the NDP can hardly claim they have accomplished anything that wasn’t already a proposal by our previous government.

What is most concerning, though, is the lack of vision for stimulating the economy. No concrete talk of job creation. No vision for the future of British Columbia’s resource sector. Most certainly, no real vision for our riding of Peace River North.

Many of my constituents have never felt more disconnected from this government. From government attacks on our industries to the botched handling of the caribou recovery plan, and most recently, the government’s handling of the treaty land entitlement, which has been completely botched in the North Peace and has caused so much division — a complete failure on the part of this government.

The reality is, that John Horgan and the NDP are failing to deliver what British Columbians need. It’s clear the NDP is out of ideas — no real vision for making life better for people, for helping families get ahead and for making sure that we, as a province, are ready to move forward together.

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