Virus science — a look at coronavirus research around the globe

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Thousands of scientists around the world are working on problems raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a summary of some recent research from peer-reviewed academic journals and scientific agencies:

Vaccine development

Science magazine has published an editorial that says developing a COVID-19 vaccine will take a global research effort on the scale of the one that led to the creation of the atomic bomb.

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The editorial says that with 44 vaccines in early development, a co-ordinated worldwide program is needed to arrive at the safest and most effective candidate.

Manufacturing enough of the eventual vaccine will also require co-operation, the editorial says. “Extraordinary” information-sharing and collaboration is the only way to ensure the best vaccine is developed quickly and efficiently.

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Lifting the lockdown

Imperial College London has examined the impact of the slow resumption of mobility in China after no new cases from local transmission were reported for five days in a row.

Researchers tracked the movement of people within their cities as a way to estimate the revival of economic activity.

Initially, in-city movement and transmission were very strongly correlated in Beijing and the five provinces most affected by the epidemic. However, that correlation is no longer apparent, even though in-city movement has started to increase.


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The results don’t mean the virus is gone.


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