Room for hope — but also warning — in Canada’s flattening coronavirus curve

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Coronavirus infections are easing in Ontario and Quebec, so far Canada’s worst-hit provinces.

New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, nearly unaffected by the global pandemic, announced plans last week to cautiously reopen.

It’s tempting to look for good news in the graph below, but the University of Toronto’s Colin Furness sees reason for caution in the upticks in Alberta and B.C. in recent days.

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“Once you have flattened, you then get little brush fires. And when your case count goes very low, a small brush fire becomes significant,” he wrote in an exchange of emails.

“All the upticks provide a cautionary tale for reopening,” he warns. “This virus wants to go everywhere, and given the opportunity, it will do so. We need to knock down community spread altogether if we don’t want to have it come roaring back.”

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Across Canada, governments are feeling pressure to reopen parts of their societies.

Saskatchewan has opened some medical services and previously closed outdoor activities. New Brunswick now allows two different households to spend physical time with each other.

On Monday,



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