Coronavirus: London sees minor increase in household waste compared to other municipalities in Ontario

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Jay Stanford, London’s director of environment, fleet and solid waste, says statistics suggest Londoners have been heeding the city’s call to limit the amount of waste being left at the curb.

The stats come just as the city’s three container limit exemption comes to a close.

On April 13, the city reported that its three container limit exemption would go ahead as usual despite the novel coronavirus pandemic, but that it would be asking residents to be mindful of how much waste they leave at the curb. Considering the exemption, coupled with the fact that many Londoners would be home much more than normal, it would be easy to expect a large increase in household waste.

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“You think that would be the case,” Stanford told Global News, “but here in London, over the last six to eight weeks our numbers are showing I would say a less than one per cent increase in the amount of material being tossed out [compared to the same time period last year].”

The one per cent increase is well below the five per cent increase reported by the Ontario Waste Management Association,


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