PPE: You might be doing it wrong. Here are some tips.

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More people are out and about as various provinces, parks and properties start to reopen, making proper PPE use all the more important.

Wearing personal protective equipment isn’t mandatory for healthy people during the pandemic, but health officials say it could help prevent the spread of COVID-19 — if it’s used properly.

A Saskatoon nurse said she doesn’t wear PPE outside of the hospital, but has a reminder for people who do.

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“Sometimes, masks provide false security, so just be aware of that,” said Gail Kizlyk, a registered nurse at the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital.

There are plenty of ways to mess with the additional security masks are meant to provide. 

Don’t touch

A quick adjustment of your mask or scratch of that oh-so-irritating itch in your nose could contaminate your face and fingers.

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“If you do feel that you’re going to have more protection with a mask, go ahead and wear a mask, but don’t be touching the mask. Don’t be adjusting your mask,” Kizlyk said.

If you need to eat or drink, remove your mask and put on a clean one after,



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