Local filmmakers are only Canadians picked for Straight 8 Film Festival

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Straight 8 Film Festival is a unique, all sequence shot film festival. Meaning that all films that are submitted are to be shot using only one sequence, no cuts, no editing, no colour correction, etc.

It’s high-pressure risks, if mistakes are made you have to make the decision to restart shooting from the beginning or just keep the mistakes in hopes it adds to the film.

Fort St. John filmmakers, Ben Haab and David Ross sent their film ‘Total Control’ and are very excited to be representing not only Fort St. John for the festival but also Canada, as they were the only Canadian film selected for the festival. Which, under different circumstances and a pandemic free world, usually takes place during the Cannes Film Festival, one of the top five film festivals.

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Ross came up with the idea to submit a film last summer. Initially, he and Haab had intended to do two films, however, after sending test footage to be developed, they knew they would not have time to go over the logistics and decided to just go for it and hope that everything would work out. That the camera worked right, the exposure was done properly, the light meter worked, and that the film was going through at the proper and correct speed.

In the end, you could say it all worked out for Haab and Ross and Ross’s birthday party concept. Without giving too much away, the basis of the film is a little girl’s birthday party who decides things aren’t going the way she wants, so she decides to make a wish to have control over adults. Her wish becomes a reality and she then has control of the adults in the town.

‘Total Control’ along with the seven other films will be streamed here, next Thursday, June 24.

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